Chue Style Feng Shui

Senior Master Jacqueline Miettinen

Senior Master in Feng Shui, Chinese Horoscopes, Yuen Hom, Date sélection, I Ching


Feng Shui, Yuen Hom Hexagrams Golden Dragon, Chinese Horoscopes, Yuen Hom Date Selection, I Ching


Postgraduate Courses: Practical Consultations, Yuen Hom 1, Yuen Hom 2, I Ching 1, I Ching 2, Bazi 1, Bazi 2, Advanced Date Selection, Mo Gik Feng Shui, Information on the 9 Fate, The Meaning of the 64 Hexagrams, Feng Shui For All, Dice prediction for All, Chinese Horoscopes for All. Professional training Modules A, B and C, Qi Gong 1

The Imperial School of Feng Shui, 9 Fontaines