Authentic Feng Shui

Hallmarks of Authentic Feng Shui:

You know that you found your dream when you have a desire to achieve a goal, have the gut to pursue it, have the courage to overcome any obstacles on your path and feel blessed when finally realizing it. Dream on, keep up and make it pay off.


Authentic Feng Shui has a traceable lineage that dates back to an Imperial Master who worked in the service of a King from an Imperial Palace. Read more about the lineage of the Chue style of Feng Shui.

Uniting of Earth and Cosmic Energies:

Authentic Feng Shui aims to balance yin (earth) energy and yang (cosmic) energy within a property, using detailed calculations. If such calculations are not performed, you are not witnessing authentic Feng Shui.

Detailed Relationship Between Landscape (or Cityscape) and Individuals:

Authentic Feng Shui involves detailed assessments of a property’s exterior surroundings, which are specifically related to the property’s occupants to assess their energetic effects.

Hexagrams of The I-Ching:

The most powerful of all the Feng Shui methods is called Yuen Hom (‘the mystery of the void’). This is the style used in the Imperial Courts of China through many dynasties, and is based on the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching, or the book of changes, which is a blueprint of the energies of life. The depth and detail of the Yuen Hom style of Feng Shui that is taught by Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and by schools that are accredited by the Chue Foundation and its previously named Overseas Chinese Horoscopes & Feng Shui Research Association, is not taught publicly anywhere else in the world.

Use of Auspicious Dates:

The energy of the earth and the cosmos differ every day, according to the cycles of the planets and the stars. Whatever is happening on any day will carry the energy of that day with it. Therefore, good Feng Shui will always include the calculation of dates for undertaking work on a property. These dates will be calculated to suit the energies of the lead occupant based on their date of birth.

The Property as a Living Entity:

A property must breath. To do this it needs to receive a good quality and quantity of energy to its doors from its external surroundings. Doors pump chi in and out of a property. The Yuen Hom style of Feng Shui can identify energy blockages in and around a property that often correspond to blockages in the occupant’s lives. Making recommendations that rectifying these issues is the skill of the experienced Yuen Hom style practitioner.